The ‘furlonging’ of Chipping House 2017-2020

Chipping House was ‘furlonged’ as a holiday house in 2017 because Anthony was diagnosed with a form of leukaemia. So we decided to move our family back into the house to enjoy our precious time together.

Anthony’s cancer is now manageable (fingers crossed) and, once the threat of the coronavirus has subsided, we are re-opening the house for holidays.

The re-opening of Chipping House 2020

Before the outbreak of the coronavirus in the UK, we had intended to re-open on 1stJune 2020.  This is now under review. If you are interested in booking the house, please email or phone me.

Catherine Alexander
Spring 2020

Landline: 01453 842299
Mobile: 0798 015 0069

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